Huwebes, Hunyo 25, 2015

Cheap Flight Sites - Aryeh Goldbloom discovers and publishes mistake fares that last for only a limited amount of time before the airline fixes it, such as a $67 for a one-way flight to Milan from the United States. The most important factor is flexibility — the ability to take advantage of a great fare in a short amount of time. But if it turns out you can’t go, you’re only out a small investment. Or, treat someone you know with the flight. specializes in finding “throwaway flights” that meet your destination objectives. A throwaway ticket would be if you found a flight to Milwaukee with a layover in Chicago.

Then instead of getting on the plane to go to Milwaukee, you would throw away that leg of the ticket and exit at the Chicago airport. This is frequently a cheaper option than booking a direct flight from your location directly to that city, particularly if your destination is a major thoroughfare such as New York, Chicago or London.

ITA Matrix ( enables you to search an entire month to see when the cheapest time to fly is. Note that you can’t book directly via this site, but it does provide the booking and fare codes that a travel agent needs to find the deal.

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